Snowy Sunday

Foirgive me if there's typos tonight. Temmy is sleeping on my shoulder and I'm holding her in place, so typing with one hand. It snowed last night more than I thought it would. Here's a couple picture. The first couple were taken without extra lighting because it was so bright. I didn't even need my … Continue reading Snowy Sunday


This time of year, I always start to crave grapefruit. I've fallen into a habit of getting some writing done and then sitting down to enjoy my grapefruit before I wind down for the evening. At least until a couple of days ago. I've been out of grapefruit for several days and I forgot to … Continue reading Grapefruit

Lean back, tip head down

Everything I've tried to write tonight has turned to mud in my hands (so to speak). I give up. So, I'm going to leave this here and get on with my evening. Instead of fighting the nature of the day which has left me feeling immobile, I'll just lean into it. Cheers.

Sleep energy

Today has ended up to be a lazy day. Oh, I had things to do, but I just couldn’t get to them. I did some reading, but I kept falling asleep, despite getting enough sleep last night. I finally gave in and went to take a nap. Now Merlin is telling me that he wants … Continue reading Sleep energy