The story will be

I'm going to try to write my blog outside tonight. Chances are good that Merlin will start barking or the bugs will discover me unarmed out here and I'll have to finish it inside, but we'll see what happens. I'm into the last chapter (or two) of Arlyn's story. (Well, there goes Merlin thanks to … Continue reading The story will be


A quick post because I'm taking a short break from writing Arlyn's story. I started my day out -- even though I told myself I should do this -- with doing some more bookkeeping. Now that I knew what I needed to do on most of my Excel queries, I was anxious to get it … Continue reading Resuming

Garden planted

A whirlwind afternoon and not exactly the grand adventure I had planned when I got up this morning. But still a good day. My son called me just after noon and asked if I wanted him and his girlfriend to come help plant the garden. Problem was that I had the car scheduled for an … Continue reading Garden planted

Another day down

It’s been another long day, but the extended weekend plans are done. I’m sunburnt, wounded from splinters and other various activities, and tired, but I did have a good time with family. I’d almost be afraid to know how sunburnt I’d be if I hadn’t been wearing sunscreen. I’d certainly been more wounded if I … Continue reading Another day down


I have been dealing with ancient and dusty things today. I have seen so many things changed from the way I remembered it. I have been listening to other people’s advise for dealing with “historical” items. Once again, I’m finding attachment to physical items as a hard thing to deal with. We can take nothing … Continue reading Attachment