After several years away, my family and I are back to our annual vacation at Anime Oasis. The name has changed. It’s now Neo Anime Oasis, but hopefully not much more has changed aside from the typical Covid concerns. I suspect this year will be a little different because of that. For example, there are … Continue reading Vacation

Short post

Short post. I’m writing from my phone again, but only because I don’t have the energy to turn my computer on. Con Crud has me in its grip. Strangely enough though, I do feel like things are improving, though to listen to me would make you wonder. Rest note so I can get back to … Continue reading Short post


Because I left very early this morning, I was able to make it all the way home tonight. The pets are happy I’m home. I think Adrian is happy to be relieved of his pet-sitting duties too. I did stop in Boise to visit Kevin. I was pretty tired by the time I got there, … Continue reading Home

I almost forgot

Boy, would I have been mad. After the show finished today, I packed up and came back to the beautiful Airbnb where I’ve been staying. I had dinner, then went out to the patio for a while. I tried to relax. It feels so strange sitting still. Then I got to talking with the owner, … Continue reading I almost forgot

Good vibes

Still writing on my phone, but I wanted to show Loki enjoying a moment with R2-D2. They were hanging together. Yeah, it’s been a fun con so far. Once again, I’m meeting lots of great artists and having a blast. There’s always so much to see. Also had some good coffee from Good Vibes Espresso … Continue reading Good vibes