Another short one

I have been looking for a document I need since earlier this afternoon. It's frustrating me that I can't find it. No writing is getting done tonight. I'm really glad I got some done yesterday. Who knows? Maybe I'll wake up at 3:30 in the morning again like I did today and I'll resume my … Continue reading Another short one

Long day

It's not a full moon, but it certainly feels like one. Maybe it's because Temmy got me up at 5:30 this morning. Now, she's got the zoomies. Do you think I'll get to sleep tonight? I do hope she settles down. It's been a long day, but the garden is now watered, I've had dinner, … Continue reading Long day

Leaving the nest

I am happy to report that the fledgling remained safe through the night. It had disappeared sometime in the evening and I was worried that a cat had gotten it. Bella had been inside, so I knew it wasn't her. But this morning, I heard the familiar cheeps outside and went to look. I found … Continue reading Leaving the nest

Counting pages

I've been through a dilemma with Siva's story. Aside from the fact that I burst into tears at the end of chapter 22 today while I was writing it (yes, the words I had written caught me by stark surprise), I feel as if I should've been done with it already. Now granted, this last … Continue reading Counting pages