Treat time

Merlin says hi! We spent a bit of time outside in the shade this afternoon. He was thrilled. He wanted to bark at everyone. I was giving him treats to keep him quiet and trying to get him to be a good boy while I was writing. I didn't get much writing done. What I … Continue reading Treat time

Blue Forest

I had a moment to paint this evening. I thought I’d show a couple pictures of paintings I’m working on. 4”x4” acrylic on wrapped canvas I’m going to have to look at this one under my studio lights to see if I’m really finished with this one or if I still have work to do, … Continue reading Blue Forest

Every day

Some days I wish I could be better. Some days I have strange wins. A win is a win, no matter how oddly it comes, so I will take it. Some days I wish I wouldn’t say stupid things and could keep my mouth shut. Some days I wonder what I’m doing, living, why am … Continue reading Every day

Zoo pictures

I promised some photos from the zoo. Do you know whose tongue that is in the photo above? Is it an ape? Here’s me hanging with a gorilla. Is it a lion? Here’s me hanging with a lion. Okay, aside from crawling through a tunnel too, I did more than hang out at the kids’ … Continue reading Zoo pictures

Nature walk

Went on a neat little walk tonight through a sort of nature park. Plants were labeled, so that was fun. Went off the beaten path only to be stopped by a small canal. Crossed a rickety little bridge. Didn’t see any deer, but saw lots of ducks. Heard a bullfrog too. We’ll, that was fun. … Continue reading Nature walk