Mossy Trees posted to Boundless Gallery

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished posting Mossy Trees to my Boundless Gallery account. This painting has been seen only at art fairs this year and it received great compliments. It’s not a big piece, only 9 x 12, but has great detail. It’s acrylic and oils on wrapped canvas. I’ve started painting all the sides of my canvases black because some people don’t like the cost of framing. Still, even if the sides are painted, it can be framed. This would look spectacular in a black wooden frame.

available at Boundless Gallery
available at Boundless Gallery

As many of you know, I do a lot of my art on bristol board because I like the looks of the finished product.  However, I’ve found out that my largest size is difficult to find frames for because of the size. Well, that’s about to end. Later in the year, I’ll be offering these larger pieces with a matte that comes in a common frame size. At that time, frames can also be included in the purchase. I’m sure many of my collectors will be very excited about this “ready to hang” option. I know I am. I’ll let you all know when this option is available.

As for works on canvas, I’ve got a new one nearly complete and I will also soon be posting one that was finished this summer called “Canopy.” It’s a rather large piece at 24 x 36 inches – at least I think that’s the size off the top of my head. It’s hard not stare at it and feel as though you could walk right into the piece.  Ah, but that will come along another time.

Stay tuned!