I’ve started entering the things that I need to get done in my calendar (what a brilliant thought, huh?). Today I had “Update websites.” Okay, it wasn’t really a goal that HAD to be done today, but try telling that to my brain. I’ve spent the whole day looking for software to make my life easier for integrating images into my website. Last year I tried to simplify it by framing my Boundless Gallery site, but I never did like the way it looked. I finally found something that I’m happy with. Sorry, can’t tell you. You’ll just have to head over to one of my websites to see it. Pick one, either one. Oh, they aren’t finished yet. After all, I had to spend the whole day tinkering with software and learning how to use several different programs, not to mention learning about ftp and site design (wholly cow! More than I ever wanted to know). But the new designs are started.

That said, I could’ve spent the day painting. I didn’t, so you better go now and look at those sites. Still here? Why? Really, I worked hard on those sites. Go now!

Wait, you’re leaving me? What’s up with that?

Ha! I’m just kidding — no catch 22 situation here.

By the way, Happy New Year.  You worked out your goals yet?