A Turn in the Road

Sometimes life gives you various challenges and we have to rise to the occasion or sink under the waves. Sometimes these situations change us in ways we never even dreamed of.

Over the course of my blog, I lamented several times about the loss of my writing. To have held an ambition for so many years of my life and then to slowly feel it slip away was painful, yet it led me to painting. I needed this overwhelming segment of my life have a fallow season so I could grow in another area.

Recently I’ve been working on scripting my graphic novels and it’s like the desire to write never left. I wake in the middle of the night clamoring to get up and get to work. As strange as it may sound to say, the obsession makes me happy. Best yet, I still have my desire to paint too. It’s like having my cake and eating it too. I feel complete.

I’m releasing a new painting that I called “A Turn in the Road.” I’ve known since I first started doing my pathway paintings that they symbolized my journey. It was while I was painting this piece that I started writing my graphic novel at breakneck speed. It was definitely where I came around the turn and strength returned to my soulsong.

Painting available at www.morningskystudios.com
Painting available at http://www.morningskystudios.com

How about you? Have you discovered a turn that took you off-course from your path? Was it for the better or worse? Did you discover a piece of yourself that you didn’t know what missing?

2 thoughts on “A Turn in the Road

  1. I like your voice in this post and I especially like the content. It is honest about what you have done in your work and I am curious about your graphic novel(s).

    1. Thanks for your comment. Stay tuned — there will be much more about my graphic novels. In fact, I believe I left links in the post right after this one.

      I hope you’re enjoying the class too.

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