Framing Options

I was reading in a couple artist magazines and I believe it was in The Artist’s Magazine I found an article on z-shaped mounting clips. Now I’ll be the first to say that I don’t get framing. It’s a skill I haven’t undertaken to learn yet. In fact, I recently made the decision to paint the sides of my canvases so that my paintings didn’t need to be framed.

So why was I all excited about this, excited enough to blog about it?

Because I learned the way to keep paintings inside their frames with these clips. This has been my biggest issue with framing – how to keep the painting from falling out the frame. I know nothing about framing, remember? So this was a neat discovery.

I didn’t find anything when I did a Google search, but I’m persistent. I finally did find something at Jerry’s Artarama called “off-set clips” and with another Google search, I verified that they are the same things. Right now, you can get a set of 100 on sale for $5.00. I might have to buy a box or two. Of course, then I have to get frames, which means I’d have to learn how to frame.

Maybe along with, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” I can add to my resume, “Which came first: the frames or the off-set clips?” Just kidding!

Okay, I know you want to know what my answer would be. Here it is. You ready? My answer to “Which came first: the frames or the off-set clips?” is:

“The paintings, of course!”

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    1. Alyson, I do like this thought! And I certainly have opinions on it! 🙂 You should look for this post coming to you soon!

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