Thousand Springs Festival – Part 2

Day 2 went well. I’d heard other artists talking about how traffic at art fairs was always down on Sundays and they didn’t expect to make many sales. Strangely enough, I did better on Sunday than I did on Saturday. I believe it’s not how many people are there, but rather what they are looking for.

I had the chance to circulate through the booths thanks to a friend who was a volunteer at the fair. I hadn’t seen her for awhile, so it was wonderful to visit with her and then let her watch my booth while I went out. The park was filled with beautiful art. At one booth I just stopped and stared at the paintings – realizing that I still have a long ways to go. It made me want to get back to my easel right away.

I did get two paintings and three ACEO’s done while I was there. I think people enjoy seeing the process. Two of the ACEO’s sold within an hour of completing them. I nearly sold the third, but another ACEO was chosen instead.

I met lots of wonderful people and greeted some longtime friends: Dean, Debbie, Bonnie (who had purchased from me a year ago and stopped by to tell me that she still enjoyed her photograph – what could be better than that!), Randy, John, and so many farm guys and gals who were drawn in by my Antique Cutter photograph. To all of you for stopping by: Thank You!

Then my son and I spent the next three days recovering from the flu.

Now, I’m coming around and getting back to work. What I learned on Sunday as I walked around is that I’ve come a long ways but I’m still on a journey that calls for me to practice more. I put a blank canvas on my easel and stare at it. What comes? Nothing.

I happen upon this article tonight from Art Calendar regarding overcoming the fear of a blank canvas. My painting, Fantasy Path, was one of those paintings started by just painting. Since then, I’ve tried to have a little more thought into the structure of the painting, to know approximately where I want to finish. Still, my question is: where do you start if you don’t know where you want to end up?

I’m interested in hearing from you now. What’s your answer to the question? How much do you plan a painting before beginning? Do you think any of the suggestions in Art Calendar are helpful or not? How do you work best? Let’s share ideas.

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