Scrappers Delight!

No, this is not an entry about scrap-booking. This is a story about my conversion away from the beloved sticky note.

Until recently, I used sticky notes for everything from taking messages to ideas I wanted to remember. When I’d filled up one sticky note with items done and marked off, I’d just throw it away. Or I’d stick it to something else and carry it home. Problem was that the sticky note stuck to something else, usually something unrelated like junk mail or school notes, and they never came off. These notes became lost or shuffled into obscurity.

Then I took Alyson Stanfield’s blogging class. I think it was Alyson who mentioned “Scrappers” and if you were someone that wrote things down on scraps of paper, you really needed to find a way to compile all of it. A lightbulb went on and I realized I was a Scrapper. But my compiling system was broken.

The next day I ripped up scratch paper and made a pile of it. My wondrous notes no longer stuck to my desk, but rather floated around instead and I had keep track of it. Energy focused on that paper. When I took my ideas home, I had to make sure they didn’t get left behind. And once home, the ideas couldn’t just land on another pile of papers; they had to be dealt with in their own spot. Things went from being just ideas on little bits of paper and turned into action and energy. After the idea moved onto a to do list or was actually completed, then the slip of paper could be thrown away. So much has gotten done or been remembered to be done since I unstuck myself.

Are sticky notes making you stuck too? I challenge you to make your own pile of scrap paper and unstick yourself. Join me in the ranks of the Active Scrappers. Let me know how it works out for you.

3 thoughts on “Scrappers Delight!

  1. I totally hear you. I used to do that, too–and was jazzed when they came out with new colors and sizes. Joy! However, they stuck everywhere, and I became obsessed with keeping track of them.

    I tried the loose sheets of scrap paper, stapled into tiny notebooks. I also lost track of those, so now I use a black moleskine style journal (still small). Whenever I use loose notebooks, I transfer the ideas to the notebook. I never stop making notes… ideas, ideas, ideas

  2. Hi Dawn: Talk about being organized. This is a great idea. Thanks for this one.

    About the shelves in my studio, this is what I have to say… My shelves are organized. My mind…that’s another story. It flits around the universe and sometimes I actually catch up with it. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Ren & Jackie, for your comments. It’s so key to keep those ideas when your mind does catch up to the infinite you! I’m trying to be much better organized in that area. I promised myself that 2009 was the year I got organized and so far so good. But I’m still working at it and probably always will be.

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