The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier <br> 14x11 acrylic on Bristol board <br>© 2009 Dawn Blair
The Final Frontier
14x11 acrylic on Bristol board
© 2009 Dawn Blair

I completed this painting on the first day of the Thousand Springs Festival. A group of kids that came around as I started it and then again about the time I finished it. I loved watching the amazement on their faces. I enjoy it when kids get into art.

One girl at Thousand Springs stopped by my booth shortly after she and her mother had gotten there. She enjoyed my art, but wanted to look around some more. Before they left, they stopped back by my booth and the mother said to me, “She looked all around, and she loves your art best. She wants to pick out a card.” She was referring to the ACEO cards. If you missed my discussion on ACEO’s, you can click here for more information. The girl carefully looked over the cards and picked her favorite.

I love selling ACEO’s to kids. I keep ACEO’s reasonably priced for that fact – kids love them and parents don’t mind spending a couple dollars on art for their children. I hope they each have a great experience and enjoy it for many years, even if they’re using it for a bookmark. They’ll become the collectors of tomorrow.

Do you think we as artists get so focused on selling today (mostly because we need to support our habit now) that we forget to cultivate for tomorrow? Who are your favorite collectors?

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