Are you wasting your time?

“Every day’s a gift and not a given right.” –from If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback

I love being creative. I am nearly always focused on the creative outlets in my life. I try new endeavors all the time. As a result, I always have people telling me that I’m so talented and they wish they could be as creative.

I don’t believe that “creativity” is limited to the traditional arts. Any time I see someone with a business who’s ideas and values are outside the norm of their industry, they are being creative. The way some people cook or garden can be very creative — it’s certainly not a talent I have. So, as you’re reading this, please realize that I’m when I say to be creative, I mean that in which ever way your talents are uniquely wired — whatever gift you have been given, it is truly yours. No one can do what you do in the exact same way. I guarantee that you have at least two separate talents stemming from one creative aspect.

Let’s just dispel this myth of me being more creative than anyone else now. I merely follow my interests to see where they lead. If I think, “Oh, that might be fun to try,” or “Hmm, I wonder…” then I’m off skipping down the yellow brick road to see where it goes. Sometimes I turn around and come back having decided that I didn’t like that fork in the road. But I still tried it out.

I know so many talented people who do nothing but waste their time on things I find irrelevant. They make a choice to not be working on their talents, but rather to dally in some folly that will have no relevance 10 minutes after they’re done. Video games, Facebook applications (let’s go find an egg and hatch it together!), stupid tv shows, hanging out at the bar, etc. These things might be great for unwinding and recharging your batteries, but they are not meant to have hours and hours spent on them at a time.

What’s holding you back as a creative person? Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of a project too big that it’s overwhelming. Where are you spending your time that you know it’s not best spent? When you understand the answer to these two questions, you’ll start to break free of the cycle because you can ask yourself one simple question: Do I want to reach my creative goals before I die or not? If you don’t, go ahead, waste your life away. But if you do want to reach your creative goals, don’t let anything stop you. Get the song that I mentioned at the top of the blog and play it often to remind you. Remember, you decide your choices and you are the one responsible for the end result. Don’t just coast through life – live every moment on purpose.