Tomorrow’s eBay auction

My computer begged for maintenance this last weekend. It felt like it had come to a grinding halt. So I cleaned up to give myself more disk space and ran scans and defrags and all the other good stuff needed to keep a computer in good health. It’s still running like a deer up to it’s neck in molasses! Don’t get me wrong. I love my laptop. It’s served me well in the years I’ve had it. But it’s just getting so slow. I’m afraid it’s time for a major overhaul, which really sounds like no fun!

So, with it running slow, I only had time and patience this evening to format one picture for this week so far. I’m putting up the painting that will list on eBay tomorrow and calling this an experiment. Here’s your job. Let me know either by commenting on the blog or by e-mailing me and let me know if you like the preview the day before a listing comes out (might need two days for those of you on the newsfeed) or if you like getting the whole week at a time. I might finish out the rest of the week like this, just listing what’s upcoming on eBay a day or two ahead of time, so feel free to comment any time during the week.

Tomorrow’s eBay auction:

Red Tree:

Red Tree
10x8 acrylic on canvas panel
© 2010 Dawn Blair