The Paintings of Sacred Knight

Occasionally I have paintings that surprise me — they end up being paintings relating back to my Sacred Knight project.

I’m starting a list on the Facebook page for Sacred Knight. You can start by reading about the newest painting there and how the painting was started in January 2009 but how I couldn’t have finished it until more than a year later.

The finished painting isn’t posted yet, but it will be soon. I’d really like to include a picture of it framed, but since I can’t find offset clips of the right size in town, I had to order online. Until I get the clips, I can’t frame it. There’s nothing so frustrating as being so close and yet so far! I did order clips last night, so maybe within a week or so. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that it looks spectacular in the frame I found for it. I think in my fair booths this year I’m going to have one wall dedicated to my Sacred Knight paintings.

It’s time for my hero to step out of the shadows.

2 thoughts on “The Paintings of Sacred Knight

    1. I so agree, Ren! Sometimes we have to just stop pushing (or resisting) and give it time to get back into the flow when it’s time.

      As an interesting side note, the painting is actually going to take part in the story as a child’s drawing. I’m so excited about this story — can’t you tell?

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