The Bright Spot

It was Day 2 for Art in the Park in Twin Falls. I’m tired now, but it’s a good tired. I think I’m a little sunburned too! Either that or it’s the warm glow of meeting lots of people.

I’ve written before about selling my ACEO’s to kids, hoping to inspire future collectors. Well, let me tell you how it paid out.

The Bright Spot (Study #1)
12x9 Acrylic on Bristol Board
© 2010 Dawn Blair

I participated in Art in the Park two years ago. It was a time when I sold several ACEO’s to kids and started my own interest in selling small artworks to kids.

Today, I had a girl come into my booth and look around. She stood at the edge, half afraid to enter and shy, like she wasn’t quite sure about something. I engaged in conversation with her and she asked if I’d been at Art in the Park a couple years ago. I said I had. Her face lit up and she told me she still had the piece she’d bought from me then. She was so excited. She uses it all the time as a bookmark. Good use for it. I let her know I was glad to hear she was still enjoying her piece.

The Bright Spot (Study #2)
10x8 Acrylic on canvas
© 2010 Dawn Blair

Later, I had another girl come in. She was intently looking for something. I asked if I could help her. She told me she still had her piece she’d bought from me. I told her she was the second person who’d said that to me. I think she was looking for more ACEO’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any prepared for this show — my lesson learned: if you’re going to start a fan base, don’t let them down. I will go armed with ACEO’s tomorrow, even if it’s just a handful. Still, as we were shutting down for the night, she popped her head into my tent and shouted, “I love your work!” Yep, just try to head home for the night without a smile on your face after that one. It’s impossible.

As I was writing this post, my son turned to me and said, “You’re happy!” He followed up by saying that I was “all glow-y.” Yes, that’s what comes with finding the bright shiny spot in selling your art.