“Making Money From Art Is So Commercial”

In my reading, I found a quote I really liked. Paul Hawken, author of Growing A Business, says, “Being in business is not about making money. It is a way to become who you are.”

This is taken directly from his website: The most successful business, your idea for a business, will grow from something that is deep within you, something that can’t be stolen by anyone because it is so uniquely yours that anyone else who tried to execute your idea would fail.

Is artistic style and voice not something that grows from something deep inside you? Many artists have statements that sound similar to each other (i.e. “I paint the beauty that I see in nature…”) yet each professional artist has a unique style all their own. Every artist stands in a long line of artists before them and more artists follow them. We inspire and learn from each other, and in this we become the artist we are meant to be. Does this not define business?

Businesses learn from each other all the time too. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have books and seminars on how to be better at business, even breaking down to each special industry (like running a better accounting practice, or doctor office, or tactics to make a lawyer be a better one).

Do we not have writers’ conventions? Artist workshops to learn new skills?

Yep, sorry, being an artist is a business. Now, go forth and not only make money at it, but become who you are.

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