Almost Time!

There’s a time when a pregnant woman is about to give birth and gets all excited and scared at the same time. If you have children, you know the point which I’m talking about.

Well, I’m about to give birth to my 17 year old and it’s killing me with anticipation and dread!

My youngest son just looks at me and shakes his head after I read him the last two paragraphs. “Mom’s so crazy!” But he knows I’m talking about the character I’ve had with me for longer than he’s been alive. I’ve often joked that Steigan (the main character in Sacred Knight) is like my boys’ older brother.

Yes, at long last, I’m releasing Sacred Knight! It’s escaping from my control on April 28th.

While this here is kind of my official announcement about its release, I’ve also set up a blog for it. I’ve got a series of videos talking about the first story arc of Sacred Knight (titled The Three Books) which will be going up shortly. I’ll also post excerpts from the story. Eventually, after the first release, I’ll move onto talking about the second segment in the story.

So, go watch the trailer which is an overview of the full Sacred Knight storyline and drop me a line of encouragement. It’s scary releasing your baby to the world, especially when it’s been your own personal passion for so long. Then, keep watching the blog (either one as I’ll also post updates here too) as the time until April 28th gets shorter.

Glad to see those Lamaze classes are still coming in handy!