Perfection’s true energy

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
   — Lao Tzu

Non-artists want to see art as being easy. They may want to know what went into making a piece, but they don’t want to know about all the hours practicing or making tons of horrible work. They don”t care about the artistic struggle you felt inside. They just want to see the passion of creative expression coming into the world. They wish they could create as easily. But we both know it’s not easy, at least not once you start taking your craft seriously.

So what is it, in that moment of validation, that we see and feel that leaves us wishing to be perfect and yet we know is ultimately impossible? It is the beauty in the raw energy of what we see and feel.

When we see a tree or a bolt of lightning, a waterfall or a spark, a crystal or the formation of an idea, and it sparks an emotional cord which takes our breath away. We might say or think, ‘Oh, that’s beautiful. It’s so perfect.’ But it is?

Did the tree mean to grow that way or was it shaped by external factors that in being rooted to the ground it couldn’t escape? Was the waterfall intentional or was it just seeking an outlet? Was the idea as fully formed as originally created or did it need more work later?

What’s more is that the tree didn’t just blossom into existance fully formed, the waterfall was once not there, and the idea is immaterial until someone takes action upon it. It is a journey. Just as an artist in a booth waits for the first person to come in and says that the work is beautiful, the viewer doesn’t see the journey, only that moment on display.

Let them enjoy the instant and the thought that it was easy. The journey though was yours. Your steps, your actions, your progress. You are ahead of the game and ahead of those that wish they could start.