Don’t just intend to commit!


Seth Godin recently wrote a blog about commitment. Very insightful, so I thought I’d share it. Especially following my last blog about intent (update: due to issues, this did actually come out on schedule- it will be released tomorrow, I hope!). My “intent” is his “commit.” I especially liked his last line.

To me, this makes a lot of sense. In fact, I’m currently listening to Chris Oatley’s ArtCast where he talks about goal setting (or not) in the new year. He talks about not setting goals, but rather deciding on what projects to finish.

I’m joining the band wagon. Don’t just make a plan to get more done (and this isn’t a once a year kind of thing either – I believe this to be ongoing). Don’t weight yourself down with guilt you don’t need. Don’t stress because you want to be better and therefore you get nothing done while waiting to be better. Set up a project, something you’ve really wanted to get done and commit to doing it. Have a deadline if you really want to push yourself. I have a publication date in mind for Sacred Knight book 2. I even have a schedule of milestone completion dates that I’d like to hit. I’m afraid I’m going to miss the first milestone date because it’s coming up far too quickly! Am I worried? No, not really. I will have to make it up somewhere, but I know my main commitment is to the publication date. I see the steady progress I’m making. Even I’d I took some time off to work on another project or because life happened, I wouldn’t panic. I am committed to making the project. It is, as Seth Godin would put it, my project I’m going to ship. I don’t need more of a plan. I don’t need to write 10 pages a day or bust. I just need to commit to ship!

So what projects are you going to commit to this year? What will you ship?