How you create

I love to listen to how other artists create.

As a young girl, I remember listening to and reading about how writers would put their butts in the chair and write. I found it fascinating how they would answer the question of “where do you get your ideas?” Even more fascinating was when I realized they were also listening to how each other answered that question.

I am often asked how I came up with the idea for my book. I was sitting on a couch talking to the man I was then married to about men riding unicorns. The character just appeared in my head (yes, on a unicorn, in his splendid armor of blue and gold) and I knew I had to discover his story. The idea was the easy part!

Taking it from conception to book was a longer process, mostly involving many drafts and failed attempts. I just had to keep working on his story until I had it right. Even working on the second book in the series now I find I’m still trying to get the story exactly right.

Now, what I’d like it to listen to you share your story. How do you create? From conception to finish. Do you meditate? Do you go with the flow? Do you feel tackled by your ideas? Do you work on thumbnail sketches until you’ve got it right? Do you drop the clay on the wheel and see where it takes you? What does your process feel like.

Come on, time to share!