Where your decision comes in

A lot of people want to be creative, to write a book, to learn to paint, to do pottery.


That single word is a chasm that must be crossed. It implies lack, that something is missing. Saying, “I want a new car” means that you don’t have it in your life. Much different from “I’m going to buy a new car today.” Standing at the brink of “I want to write a book (or whatever)” is making a lack of the actual doing.

Decision is the faith to make the jump across the chasm. It is that step from “I want to create” to “I am creating.”

And that stirs up a lot of fear. In going from lack to having, there is a big change. Change always evokes an emotional response. Once you realize the demon standing between “I want” and “I am” is purely a primal response trying to keep you warm and safe in the status quo, it’s easier to move through it.

Every action has a reaction — meaning to act again. Once you’ve gotten one page out, one painting out, one bowl done, you take those new skills forward to the next project.

Gee, what do you know? You are now making art.

Create away!