Show up!

This was once again a reminder for me. Show up!

You must show up for things that you want to do. You have to. If you want to do something but aren’t showing up to do it, then you are just dreaming.

Are you dreaming and not doing?

Do you realize that if you’re dreaming, you’re not taking action? Okay, yes, you probably know this on a “no duh” level, but do you understand it through and through? Do you get it way down deep in your gut? There is a difference. Many “change your life” books tell you to start living your dream to the extent that you can, so you can live “as if.” Well, if you’re not showing up, you’re not taking those steps to live as if you were already where you want to be.

More importantly, if you aren’t choosing to show up for the things you want to do, you are choosing something else. Are you really sure you think you want to be doing the things you believe you want to be doing? Really? Or are those other things in your life more important and more what you really want to be doing?

Showing up is the proof.

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