The Change – Part 1

Failed paintings… all artists have them and it seems like the more you “learn” the more failed paintings you have.  Remember this painting:

Raising a Buck  20X24X″ acrylic on canvas Dawn Blair ©2010
Raising a Buck
20″x24″ acrylic on wrapped canvas
Dawn Blair ©2010

Okay, I admit, it was called “Raising a Buck” for more than one reason. I thought if I painted something a little more “normal” that I might be able to sell it out here in Idaho.

Then came the embarrassment. I had it hanging at shows and person after person kept telling me, “Nice deer. Too bad they don’t really have antlers like that when the spring flowers are out.” I so obviously didn’t know my subject!

So I shoved the painting away. I knew some day I could paint over the canvas and do something new. I just had to wait for the right day — you know, the one where the Muse comes and taps on your shoulders and says, “Hi, honey, let’s get to work.” Yeah, that day.

I was starting to wonder if it would ever come.

Then I came across Brandon Schaefer’s YouTube channel. Since you already know that I love to know how other artists work, you’ll know I was fascinated by the videos he has of his working and thoughts. One of those was a video on what to do with failed paintings. Yeah, I have one or two (or fifty) of those! So I watched and I’d like to share with you now:

Well, that’s when the Muse settled in on my shoulder and said, “Hi, honey! Let’s get to work!”

Coming up next: Raising a Buck transformed…

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