Reusing the Hamburger Helper box

Several years ago when I first started selling ACEO’s on eBay, I was afraid they’d get bent in the mail. So, I started making little cardboard protectors.

They were simple little things, made from boxes of things I bought at the store, like Hamburger Helper.

I collected cardboard box by box. Even more, I hated putting these protectors together. It wasn’t that it was hard or even took long, it just was boring. I don’t do well with boring.

Then one day, I came across Geninne’s Art Blog. She had all these cute envelopes that she would send out to people who were collecting her art. As much as I’d like to say the idea was mine, I really decided while looking at her website that I really needed to be more creative with my ACEO protectors. Even more, I dare say that I considered the idea of becoming a **GASP!** stamper.

I started making stamped ACEO protectors then and decided I really liked doing it. It’s amazing how something as simple as adding stamps can make a boring job creative and fun.

Here’s some of my protectors that will be going out to winners of my eBay auctions for original ACEO artwork this month. I hope they find the stamped creations as fun and delightful as I had in making them.

ACEO protectors


Here’s the backside of a couple of these:

ACEO protector back2

ACEO protector back


And occasionally it’s challenging to use the actual box:

Star Wars ACEO protector

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