What Had Been Intended

Now that you’ve seen all the progress paintings that I did under the working title A Cloudy Start (which is now titled Permissions), I want to show you what I had really intended on doing. About halfway through painting that piece, I realized I’d gotten way off track, so I wanted to do another, smaller, just so that I could really ingrain what I’d done wrong (well, maybe not wrong, but certainly had a happy accident with). Here’s the piece I did:

Moonlight Night #4315007 4x4 on wrapped canvas Dawn Blair ©2015
Moonlight Night #4315007
4×4 on wrapped canvas
Dawn Blair ©2015

Yep, it was supposed to be more like that. But, like I said, happy accident.I am kind of intrigued with how my “castle ruins” really look like three people sitting on a knoll staring up at the moon,.Another happy accident?

I might have to try this one in a larger size. Let me know what you think.