Plein air painting

Niagara Springs waterfall #pa01150718 7X5 on canvas Dawn Blair ©2015
Niagara Springs waterfall #pa01150718
7X5 on canvas – oil
Dawn Blair ©2015

So I decided to try to do some paintings outdoors (en plein air). The painting above was from my first trip out. Actually, it was my first one. The others I did that day are okay and maybe I’ll show them when I get better pictures of them — every time I try, I get a glare because the oil is still wet or it just looks fuzzy.  I’ve been out a few more times since this trip and I do plan on continuing — please let the nice weather hold up for several more weekends.

I don’t know if I’m learning much of anything yet, but I hope I learn a lot by painting actual things. It’s strange when I’m so use to painting with barely a plan or no plan and just seeing how it develops versus being outside and actually finding and looking at a subject.

Anyway, this piece was fun and I’ll probably do a large one at some point — maybe even two — one in acrylic and a larger one in oil. Yeah, did I mention I was plein air painting with my oils? I’ve become so use to acrylics that this is strange painting (and painting fast) with the oils. No time to dry and I’ve already had some work that I’ve just smeared all together. I must be crazy taking a new experience (plein air painting) and adding a trial by fire (oils) to it. Yes, I should learn something in this exercise.