A Mystery Should Remain a Mystery

Last week, I finished the draft of the 5th novella in The Loki Adventures. This novella will conclude this story arc. I’m hoping that now he (Loki) will let me get back to working on the series as I first imagined it.

Now, with this 5th novella, I plan on starting a new segment in the back — this first one will probably be the biggest because I have the 5 novella’s to look back on. This segment is going to be called Dial 0 for Operator.  So what’s going to be in it? As I envision it at the moment (and it may expand or change as I go along or as Loki sticks his nose into it), it’ll be my notes from writing the stories, a kind of behind-the-scenes look.

How many are already excited that I plan on continuing Loki? Oh, I can hear the moans coming from my Sacred Knight fans already — yes, I do hear you, I swear! Book 4 is coming in that series, I promise. Update coming soon in that regard.

When I first got the idea for Loki, I imagined it would be simple one-shot deals: discover a nasty, find the beast, and set it home. A gumshoe detective kind of read. Yeah, then Loki reared his head and told me what he thought of my idea. Now that I’ve written his story (and it really is his story, not mine, but I’ll include more details about that in Dial 0 for Operator), I hope he lets me get back to concept. We will see. Let’s just say that I started getting an inkling of an idea where this series would end up during the second novella (For Sale, Call Loki). No, I certainly can’t say I had it planned out. Each novella was a ride. I had no idea what was going to happen or where it would end until I finished it.

For More Mischief is no exception!

Like I said, I had an idea. I thought I knew where I’d end up.

Then Loki turned the screw. My head whipped around with a “What was that?!” I only hear laughter.

So I chase it down this new alleyway thinking that I’ve got a better story coming up. Wow, this is going to be so cool!


Oh, make no mistake, it was cool. But, Loki shifted the story on me again. Or actually, maybe I should say the story shifted on him. I really did feel the rug slide out from beneath both of us. It’s a weird sensation to realize that we both got blindsided.

Worse, we hadn’t even reached the end of the ride yet. There was one more surprise in store for both of us. The true culprit.

I have to say, that I had I known I was writing THIS story the whole time, I might have laughed and told the universe to go find a different sucker to write this series. I’m really glad that I didn’t know this was how it would end up back when I was writing For Sale or even For a Good Time. However, since I didn’t know what was happening until the end, I’m happy with the surprises along the way. I hope my readers will be too.

Anyway, this is a little sample of what Dial 0 for Operator will be like, except it’ll probably make more sense since I can go into details. I don’t want to give spoilers here. A mystery should remain a mystery until it is ready to be solved.

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