I Feel What You Feel

It’s so easy to forget all the things you’ve written. Just last week, I ran into a friend who said, “I loved that story about the slave girl.” Slave girl? “You know, the slave girl who posed.”

I was still stuck at, “I wrote a story about a slave girl?”

I have a vague inkling of that story, but it still doesn’t want to come back. Someday, I’ll have to go digging through some of my boxes of old stories.

Recently, I was going through some files and pulling out stories. No, the slave girl story was not in there, otherwise I would have known exactly what story my friend was talking about. What surprised me was the number of stories that I had but I didn’t remember until I started reading them. It was like visiting Wonderland.History of a Dead Man

Just the other day, I was thinking about History of a Dead Man, the companion novella for the Sacred Knight series. I recalled that I wrote a note from the author in the beginning and I got curious about what I had written. So I went to read it. Not only did I do this introduction, but I had written a section on notes about the story and the series in general. I had completely forgotten about it. In reading it, I found tears coming to my eyes. It took me right back to what I was feeling in that moment when I had originally wrote those words. It’s in that moment that time really becomes incredible. To get transported backwards in that flash… ah, yes, time is not quite as linear as we all believe it to be.


It’s also amazing to note, for as long as I’ve been working on my Sacred Knight story, I still love my character. Steigan and I have walked quite a distance together. I often feel like Mr. Spock, “I feel what you feel… I know what you know….” I literally have to remind myself (sometimes) that he’s not real. Figment of my imagination or not, Steigan has influenced my life in profound ways. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had an issue in my life and I’ve stopped myself to think, “What would Steigan do?” I always have my answer.

I’ve rattled on enough about Steigan for now. But do stay tuned for Monday, when I share an interview I did about Steigan’s world.

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