Progress -03/06/17

Fiction words written last week: 3,905 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles written:  679 words

Writing month to date total: 24,448 words for the month of February, March to date is 3,424 words

Writing year to date total: 50,069 words.

Drawing/painting last week: 0 square inches painted.

Illustration year to date total: 131.25 square inches.

Audio: I spent 7.1 hours on editing  and recording audio. It was more than that because I didn’t count a lot of time when I was testing and learning new software — this was only actual time that I was editing and mastering.  More to come on this below.

Week’s happenings: Another low week for the word count. I was busy reading the 4th book in the Sacred Knight series instead of writing. Worse, I hit a spot that really needs work — I’m not quite sure what to do with it, if I want to move it or just adjust it. I really haven’t decided other than to say that I have issues about where it’s at, so I have been reading through various sections trying to decide what to do. I also started a trial of Adobe Audition last week. I’ve been using Audacity to record and edit my books, but it takes so much time. I really want something that will speed up my work flow. I think I’ve found it in Audition. I used Audition to finish editing and mastering the audio for The Last Ant. I’ve uploaded the audio to ACX, so I’ll be able to officially announce its release in the next couple of weeks. My hours above also didn’t count the time that I used to adjust the image for the dimensions that ACX wants for their covers. I also started working on the audio for The Doorway Prince. So far it takes me far less time to go through the edits in Audition than it did in Audacity. Basically, it does what I wished I could have done in Audacity. On the downside is that it can become very easy to overprocess the voice. It didn’t help that I went and listened to several other “professionally” produced audiobooks and found issues in them similar to ones I was having in my own recordings — all that did was tell me that I’m trying to make mine too perfect. I just want to be releasing the best that I’m capable of at that moment. Right now, to me, it sounds like I’m working way too hard compared to the professionals. That makes me wonder what I’m missing too because on the other end of the spectrum I’m probably becoming lazy. But I guess that’s not the point. The point is that I spent 7 more hours on audio and was finally able to upload 39 minutes. Yep. Sad.I have probably spent about 30 hours getting those 39 minutes. That certainly doesn’t count the hours in which I was testing tracks and learning what the features of the program were — what does this effect do? Oh, not good! Let’s try something else. Hey, that’s pretty cool. Etc. I try not to think of it as lost writing time. That would depress me way to much. Especially since I do love recording my own stories. I really wish someone had told me sooner that voice acting was a real job. Anyway, I have decided to stick with Audition at least for a year just to see what happens. Next week I’m looking forward to getting things evened back out — I’ll go back to my normal routine. Of course, I’ll still be working on the 4th book and wrestling with that scene, but I know an ephiphany will come. I also hope to finish up By the Numbers, which features Amanda from The Doorway Prince. I thought her story would only be about 8,000 words long, but so far it’s over 10,000 and will probably end up being close in length to The Doorway Prince. That feels like a good story length to me. Overall, not a bad week considering.