Progress – 04/03/17

Fiction words written last week: 7,338 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles written:  743 words

Writing month to date total: 30,444 words for March, 1,240 so far for April

Writing year to date total: 78,329 words.

Drawing/painting last week: 0 square inches painted.

Illustration year to date total: 131.25 square inches.

Audio: I spent nearly 7 hours on recording and editing  audio.

Week’s happenings: As March rounded out, I really wanted to pass the 30,000 word mark for the month. I have been writing some blog posts for, but since I don’t count blog posts until I’ve actually put them up (because I have a habit of writing blogs but letting them sit on my computer rather than putting them out there), I knew that I had unofficially hit the target. Of course, me being the overachiever I am, I wanted to actually get there. I thought about getting the posts up just so I could count the words in them. I didn’t — see, they are still sitting on my computer, taking up space, so how can I count that? So, I had been falling just short of 30,000 words by about 800 words or so. I was so tired on the 31st that I decided I should just go to be. Well, thanks to some people down the street wanting to set off fireworks for some unknown and illogical reason, I was awoken at 11:00 that night after a couple hours of sleep. Needless to say, I was awake. While the jerks down the street were probably falling blissfully asleep, I was staring at the ceiling. I finally decided it was stupid to be angry and so I grabbed my laptop and started writing. I made the word count you see above. So while I’m not happy about missing sleep and my poor Merlin being upset and scared the rest of the night, I am glad that I managed the word count.

I didn’t get any real painting or drawing done, but this week I did actually draw in my sketchbook. That feels good. I’ve been wanting to paint, but I just haven’t been able to get there. I can’t wait until summer — I always seem to paint more in the summer.

The Doorway Prince is coming along in audio format. I’ve recorded more than half of it and edited most of that. It shouldn’t be long now before I can do my final listen through.

The 4th book in the Sacred Knight series is also nearing completion of my read-through. I have added more scenes and straightened some things out. I’m very close to being able to pass it off to my first reader. Then I just have to worry about a cover. Maybe that means I’ll finally get some painting done.

This week I’ll be starting to post Ninjas: By the Numbers here on my blog. It’s a side story of The Doorway Prince. I’ve done the edits for that. I also finished the corrections for History of a Dead Man, though I still need to post them online. Hopefully I can get them uploaded in the next day or two.

At one point this week, I was writing Onesong and Sacred Knight book 4 at the same time — that was interesting. I actually had parallel scenes in both, so I figured that I could write Rivic’s scene while I worked on making Martias a Necroatheling. What a great time!

The story that I was working on and mentioned in last week’s progress report, the one that I wrote over 7,000 words in three days, I “finished” it. I still need to go back and fill in some transition areas since I wrote the scenes quickly as they came to me and then dropped them in where I thought they best fit. Then I started on a prequel story to that. This is another Moonhunter story. Yes, I do seem to be writing his timeline. But the narrator of this story is kind of delightful — it surprised me. I had been wondering at the odd narrative voice in the story until I realized what was happening. I love it when I’m surprised. I have no clue where this story is going other than it will fit into my Moonhunter series (since he’s a main character) and will tie in with my Ninja series. Yes, that’s Ninjas, like my By the Numbers story (which is an origin story for one of the characters in the Ninja series — there will be 5 of them when I’m done). Yes, everything I write ends up tying together somehow. Except for The Last Ant, which at the moment is a true stand-alone, but I hesitate to write anything else about because I’m sure it will tie in somehow if I were to keep going on it.

I did also continue working on the next Loki adventure. I’m also getting that story in flashes, so I’m writing them down as the pieces come and will figure out how to puzzle them all together later.

In case you’re wondering, I currently have 14 projects that I’m keep a word count on, with 5-6 of them being active in my head each week. I really need to get some of them done. I’d like to shorten that list, but I know others will just take its place. When I did a count last year, I something around 25 projects that I had in the hopper, and that was before I even conceived Fractured Echo, The Last Ant, The Doorway Prince, and By the Numbers, along with everything else that has come to me over the winter. From that original list, I only manage to cross off For More Mischief, Call Loki. I figure if I added up my list now, I’d be closer to around 35-40 projects. For this reason, I must keep writing.

See you again on Wednesday. Don’t forget to be back here for the start of Ninjas: By the Numbers.