ACEO of the Week – 06/10/17

Evening Tree #5 020908
Evening Tree #5
3.5″ x 2.5″
acrylic on Bristol Board
©2008 Dawn Blair

Space, trees, mountains. This is a very old ACEO I thought I’d bring up this week, but it is one I adore.

Maybe I should restart paintings like this. I’d be so much better at it now. What do you think?

In the meanwhile, keep looking up and dreaming. We’re here to create ourselves. Why else would we have this little bubble that we live in? What is the purpose?

Come closer and let me tell you a little secret several billion people on the planet don’t realize.

We are here, given life and every resource we need in order to keep living, for the sole purpose of creating our own inner greatness.

We don’t need to save the world or anyone else. We have only to make ourselves into the best person we can be and to allow others to do the same.

That’s the rub on humans though. That’s why there is so much violence and why humans do truly horrible things to each other.


No one gets out of this (life) with any treasures. NONE! There is no purpose in trying to take anything from someone else.

I’ve said it before: the only thing you ever truly acquire is your own experiences.

Live your life. Develop your skills. Love your family and friends. Enjoy the people in your life. Be the greatest YOU that you can be.

That’s the secret of life.