1-800-Mischief Audiobook Out Now!

1-800-Mischief audiobook

It has arrived!

The audio version of 1-800-Mischief is now released and ready for your listening pleasure.

While writing Loki’s story, with him being the culture geek he is, it certainly has been a pleasure to be his author. I swear, he always makes me laugh and he leads me down roads I wouldn’t normally go (like watching videos on the Aventador, which I never would have done if I hadn’t been working on his story).

But now, to say that I have also become his “voice” is very humbling. I’ve recorded him as I hear him in my head.

The rest of the series will come, but it might be a short while. Right now, I’ve recorded Stardust and I’m working on The Three Books as well. Then For Sale, Call Loki will come around.

Anyway, cheers to the start of the adventure. Happy listening.