Onesong – Chapter 3

I want to thank everyone who has been reading and enjoying the story, especially those of you that take the time to let me know you’re enjoying it.

Stories are part of our nature as humans. We tell stories about our lives to each other. We let our words teleport us to another time and place. We embellish our memories as we relive them. We even have stories that we ourselves don’t necessarily remember until someone else mentions them to us and we have one of those, “Oh, yeah! That did happen,” moments.

Writers are fortunate enough to live multiple lives because we don’t just have our stories and those of our families, but the tales of our characters as well. There is something very special in getting to share that with others. Thank you for letting me share this story with you.

So, away we go. Enjoy!

Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 3 is available for 1 week only! Then, it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear! 




by Dawn Blair

Chapter 3

This chapter of Onesong was available for one week only and has now turned back into a pumpkin. If you missed it, click on the links below to find it or another great story to read. There’s also another free story or story excerpt somewhere around my blog – I try to post something new every Wednesday. Hunt the story down, read, and enjoy!


Since Onesong is the prequel to the Sacred Knight series, try out The Three Books – Legend 1 of the Sacred Knight series.

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