Progress – 08/07/17

Okay, I’m actually a day behind here. More below.

Fiction words written last week: 4,431 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,054 words

Writing month to date total: July finished with 39,212 words, August is currently at 4,018 words

Writing year to date total: 230,447 words.

Drawing/painting last week: 0 square inches and no sketching either

Audio: I spent 5 hours recording and editing audio.

Week’s happenings: It’s 2 a.m. and I’m getting caught up on my blog because I can’t sleep and this is nagging me to get it done. I was driving home on Sunday from another trip down to Nevada; I have a feeling I’m going to be taking several trips over the next few months. Anyway, I got home in the evening on Sunday and didn’t get the blog written as I normally do; it’s technically the last thing I do on Sunday night before bed even though it doesn’t come out until Monday morning. That way, I can always add something in case I think of it when I wake up first thing Monday, something that does happen. I had been intending on writing and releasing the blog Monday evening, but I got an itch to rearrange my office instead. I measured out the room and several pieces of furniture and began playing with the configuration. I hope that I an put my painting setup in my office too. Here’s the thing: no matter how carefully I plan, I am no good with room design. Cue Miracle Max (Princess Bride): If this is going to work, it’ll take a miracle. But I’m doing it anyway. Now, I’m lying awake after a few hours of sleep listening to a moth bouncing around my bedroom. Yeah, time to work on my blog. So here I am.

I had started out the week pretty well. I was telling myself that I just needed to get back in the rhythm. Then the weekend came and I was driving to Nevada. Maybe soon I’ll feel more balanced and will be able to write more during these trips; it’s not like I don’t have the time, but right now I’m letting my whole body get too depressed. Before anyone goes off the deep end and tries to get me counseling, let me just say that there is a difference between physical depression (which is when your body is functioning at a lower frequency and you feel like you have no energy) and mental depression (which is when you feel hopeless despair). My mental state is exactly where I would expect it to be all considering. Yes, there’s grief and a terrible sense of loss, but I also know this will subside. While I know that life will never again be the same, I know that this is a new beginning and I look forward to what the future holds. It is the physical depression, the slacking of energy, which is what’s making me lose days and fall behind.  I had just started to come out of the funk by getting back into my routine when I took the trip and threw myself off again. I know there are ways to raise energy through the body, but it just doesn’t feel right at the moment. I hate slogging through mud, but I also know that I’m feeling this for a reason. If I were operating at my normal frequency, then there would be an issue. I’m meant to slow down for now.  This might be too New Age-y or metaphysical for some people and if you fall into that camp, don’t worry, I understand.  I don’t expect everyone to understand, nor do you need to. I’m merely explaining where I’m at. Quite frankly, I’m probably documenting the feeling more for myself anyway as well as letting my dear friends who read this know where I’m at so they know I’m okay when I haven’t been real social lately.

I say that when I spent nearly my whole weekend out with people. (grin) It happened to be Frontier Days and I spent nearly all day Saturday and half of Sunday at the park along with the rest of the town. I got to catch up with friends and even got a chair massage. There was good food — I love the 4-H barbecue — and even saw the Burning Ninja. Someday I really need to go and sell my books there. Hey, Stacy, wanna do a show together next year? (grin)

Aside from the writing being at a bare minimum, I did spend some time nearly every day working on audio. I’m putting together the audio for Stardust. It’s all recorded and I’m just editing it now. This has been interesting because I recorded most of the character voices as separate tracks, so I had to insert markers during the narration to split for the dialogue later. I hope it keeps the voices more consistent throughout the story. I’m trying the same thing while recording The Three Books, but Stardust will be the first one to audio that I’ve done completely like this. The process of splitting, spacing, and merging the tracks does seem to go quickly. Of course, I’m also looking ahead to when I’m recording Prince of the Ruined Land (the 4th book in the Sacred Knight series, which I swear is coming soon) and I have five people all talking in the same conversation. Yeah, that might drive me mad. At least one of the voices will be Steigan and that’s just my normal voice, so I’ll only have to worry about merging in four other voices. Maybe by the time I get to that book, I’ll have hired someone to help me with editing the audio! (grin)

It feels much better to have this blog written, even though it is now approaching 3 a.m. and I have work tomorrow. I think I’ll pop off for some more sleep before my alarm awakens me to get to work on audio for a while. Time to get back in the rhythm.



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  1. Sounds like you’re getting there!
    That may be a fun trip! We’ll have to check into it.

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