Progress – 08/21/17

Happy eclipse day! If you are somewhere with a good viewing position, please stay safe and sane out there. All of your senses are worth taking care of.

Fiction words written last week: 8,535 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  3,956 words

Writing month to date total: 22,107 words

Writing year to date total: 248,536 words. I am less than 2,000 words short of my word goal that I had set for last year (250,000), which means I’m about 12,000 behind what I actually accomplished for last year (260,108). If I have another good week like this last one, I’ll hit it next week. I’m still far off on my word goal for this year — I’m not sure I’ll make it, but one never knows. Maybe I’ll really buckle over the rest of the year and knock it out of the park!

Drawing/painting last week: 5 5″x7″ paintings completed (175 square inches) and I got started on two larger pieces. I spent about 6 hours painting, maybe a bit more.

Audio: I spent 5 hours recording and editing audio.

Week’s happenings: I hit my streak again for 6 out of 7 days for the word goal. Saturday I spent doing business related tasks, so I didn’t quite meet my word goals on that day. However, I did meet my word goal for the week, so I’m on a streak of 1 week for hitting the word goals. I’m glad I changed up my spreadsheet. Yeah, hitting a word goal is difficult every day, especially when you’re the only one also handling all the business functions. Stuff has to be done. I’d rather get more words in one day and fewer the next if I can still get other things done too. It’s hard to know exactly how long you’re going to spend on something. So, I’ll be very happy with the weekly goal rather than trying to hit it every single day and having to forego doing something else that’s important, like sleep. I also added a percentage to my spreadsheet so I can start tracking my non-fiction to fiction percentage. I’m curious about where the number sits. I’m probably the only one who cares, but I’ll watch it for a while and see what the numbers tell me. Okay, right there — you can now see why I’m a bookkeeper too. I do like measuring the numbers and tracking them.

As you can see, I got some painting done. You can view some of the paintings  here on my blog. More progression paintings coming, so stay tuned. If you want to see them even faster, you can find me on Instagram (dawn.blair) where I post pictures of my work in progress. Or, if you only want to see the finished product, check out my art page on Facebook.

I worked on my website. It’s not completely rebuilt yet, but I felt I really needed to get something up. At least it’s started.

TLE1-5 cover small

Also this week, I got out 1-800-CallLoki (The Loki Adventures Omnibus) which has all five of the novellas put into one handy, dandy ebook. I’m planning on a print version in the future, but haven’t started it yet.  I literally decided to start compiling the book last weekend and got it mostly done, but had to finish it this week. Is it any wonder that I like weekly word counts rather than daily when the Universe routinely says, “Hey, that project you’ve been meaning to do… yeah, go now! Go!” and I drop everything to do it?

Still working on organizing my office. That will be a slow process since I’ve gotten enough done to work. Work (no, it’s really playing with my stories, but “work” sounds so much better than saying I’m playing) always trumps organizing. Still, I did go through a pile of paintings I had lying around (literally) and saw why I was really struggling with my art. There were about 10 oil paintings in the bunch. One needs some slight work, several more I wonder if I can fix the issues with them, especially since now they’ve had more than a year to dry, so I don’t have to worry about wet underpainting. And some need to be sanded down and painted over or thrown out. Then, the acrylic pile was much deeper and I think I pulled two out of the pile that I think I might be able to do something with and about 15 which need to be painted over. This was obviously a very frustrating plateau for me. What’s really irksome is knowing that I have another box of paintings behind me which I need to go through and that I have a ton of additional failed paintings in storage waiting to be painted over. I was digging for a picture of a painting I sold last year (I hated parting with it and had it at a price I didn’t think anyone would actually take me up on, but one lady did) and it was going back through many of my old paintings. Boy have I painted a lot of crap. That’s putting it nicely. I even spent some time cataloging my failures. I can point them out as I scroll through the list. Why I am wasting disk drive space on these? No one wants to see my early failures! Why in the blazes am I saving them?

Okay, probably the same reason I date everything in my sketchbooks: to see how much I’ve grown as an artist.

In cleaning up my office, I came across an old draft of The Three Books. It’s, of course, the first chapter, and it has shades of what it became, but the writing made me laugh. Sometimes it’s good to go back through old stuff just to see how much you’ve grown.

Enough memory lane. My whole point was that I painted a lot of bad paintings. Hopefully I’m doing much better now. Practice, right? I certainly learned what not to do — and I can see it in my attempts, especially as I compare them to what I’ve been doing this last week. Even though I wasn’t painting, I obviously was painting attention to other artwork and learning from them as I now see why some of these paintings I had been attempting had failed. I may have just needed time and space away from the frustration of failure to figure things out and regain the courage to try again.

In the audio department, I finished cleaning up two of the three tracks for Stardust. I still have some corrections to make and get merged into these first two tracks, as well as a correction that needs to be done before I start cleaning up the third track. As soon as it’s finished, I’m going to go back to the audio for The Three Books. I really feel like I need to get this series current before working on anything else.

Well, it’s time to get out an enjoy the eclipse.

Stay tuned this week for another chapter of Onesong as well as art blogs.