Progress – October 2, 2017

I had fully intended on posting my progress yesterday as scheduled, but when I sat down to do it, I really felt I needed to say something about the tragedy in Las Vegas since Nevada is my original home state. I soon found myself on a mission with that post and felt it wouldn’t be right to finish it with a, “Oh, and here’s the fun I had last week,” kind of thing.

I really do mean what I said: people need to read more, read for fun. We are a planet losing our imaginations. We take what others so readily want to spoon feed us without ever really thinking about it.

I hesitate to go on. I have a prime example, but I really don’t want to go down that trail. Not now at least. I don’t want to put myself in a funk. Let’s go back to what I was originally going to post.

So, last weekend was Snake River Comic Con. Let me just say that it was an exciting adventure. If you missed it, you lucked out. It was their first comic con, so several people, including myself, we pleasantly surprised. Of course, I knew a couple of the people running it and knew that they had lots of con experience, so I’m certain they put it to good use.

Yeah, let’s just say that if you missed it this year, you better book the time off for next year now. Start your planning and savings.

Yes, I am already signed up to be a vendor for the show next year.

This last week was spent preparing for the show. I worked out a new book riser setup because I was tired of the old stacking books method. Not that I’ll never used stacked books again — that is a great way to showcase books — but now I have a fancy looking wood and cloth riser. I think I need to work on one more level up, but I’m also trying to keep it so it can be versatile and changed depending on the size of table I have. I had a much bigger table and floor space at Snake River Comic Con than I had at Salt Lake Comic Con, so I already didn’t feel as cramped.

In addition to getting the riser figured out, I got in a double order of books. I still sold out of 1-800-Mischief and pre-sold some from my next shipment. Fortunately, I’ll be placing that order today, so I’ll just be able to add on the extra copies I need. Aside from Loki’s story doing well, my Sacred Knight series also was a hit. I did have enough of those books; I had ordered a bunch of copies during Salt Lake Comic Con and, thanks to Scott at UPS, I was able to pick up my books right as I left town for the con. Thank you, Scott. You made my day!

This last week was also the quest for boxes. Since my show setup has changed and I’ve added so much to it now (both in volume of books, prints, and small artworks), I’ve needed to change how I’m packing it all. Especially in case of rain! I made repeated trips to a variety of stores looking for just the right boxes. The hardest was probably my show box. For a decade, I’ve used a little cardboard box to carry tape, scissors, pens, pain medication, sticky notes, paper, string, and all sorts of miscellaneous items one might need while doing a show. This one box has been the most important because it holds everything that isn’t seen by the public. About two years ago, I had decided that I was outgrowing it. Plus, the box was starting to fall apart after having everything shoved into it and being closed back up by crossing the cardboard flaps over each other. Last year, I had so much crammed into it that oftentimes I couldn’t get it closed. But I hadn’t found a box I wanted to replace it with. I still didn’t find one that I was completely happy with. I’d prefer that it stay small and fit into another box, but I couldn’t find it. So I went with a larger box with a bright lid so I’ll see it and know “that’s the show box!” I honestly think my smaller box was under the same spell as a bag of holding. I dumped everything from the small box into the larger one thinking that I’d have a ton of room left over. Nope! The box was full. No, seriously; full! In fact, when I went to put the lid on it after this show, I almost didn’t think I’d be able to lock it in place. Now, I did add a couple new things to it, like my new Sold Out book cover cards, but I’m not sure how the contents of that one small, but stuffed, little box could expand out to fill the much larger box up to the brim.

I did manage to get some dictation done, but I haven’t had time to transcribe it yet. Bummer, since that really would have made my word count higher this week. It’ll be added into next week’s.

I also learned on Friday right before leaving for Pocatello that Stardust was now available on Audible. Click the image below to check it out now.

As I’m writing this, I’m awfully tired and probably rambling by now. Two shows in two weekends was probably quite a lot, but that’s the way the schedule fell. So, let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

Fiction words written last week: 2,026 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,077 words

Writing month to date total:  23,629 words for September. 974 words for the one day in October.

Writing year to date total: 281,686 words

Drawing/painting last week: I didn’t do any painting last week.

Audio: I spent 2 hours editing audio. I’m back to working on The Three Books and this time I’m going to stay on that project until I finish it!