A few thoughts today

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I’m currently working on the audio for the third chapter of The Three Books. While I was listening to it, I felt a little overwhelmed at how important this chapter was to the whole story, though it certainly doesn’t seem this way. This chapter, this one chapter which doesn’t seem to have much relevance, becomes so important in the fourth and fifth books.

I really couldn’t have planned it this way.

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Maybe it’s striking me because of where I’m at in the fifth book (tentatively titled The Missing Thread) where Dragzel becomes so important to the story. Yes, if you are reading Onesong on my Wednesday blog, (spoiler) it’s the same Dragzel, my mischievous little monster. He’s such an important little thread to both Onesong and the Sacred Knight series.

Of course, all the threads are important.

Since I now have a lot of titles sitting on my table, I often get asked which are series titles. Very soon, by the time I publish a couple more titles in all the series as well as Dragons of Wellsdeep, I won’t be able to say that there is a clear delineation between my stories.

Example: in the 7th Loki novella I’m currently working on (and avoiding so that I can write this post), he talks about listening to the Humline of Midgard.

Well, every world in each of my stories has a Humline. I’m certain I’ve already published something (or are very close to) which mentions the Humline. The very essence of the title, Onesong, means “universe.” Uni (one) – verse (song). I thank Wayne Dyer for putting this all together for me. It has become the whole philosophy of all my books: we all exist within the vast Onesong.

That’s why I work so hard to convince the readers of my Loki novellas that they have to read my Sacred Knight series and the Wells of the Onesong stories because they will all blend together on some level. I get giddy with excitement when I realize how entangled the stories all become. It is my hope that readers, the voracious ones who go through everything I write, will see this and start to watch for it. I practically scream with delight every time a seed from another story pops into the one I’m currently working on. It’s growing and I’m absolutely fascinated to see it.

This is where I have to trust the process. If I sat down and plotted out a book (as I have tried in vain to do), I would not have these little miracles peeking and weaving in. When I try to force a story, I write myself into corner after corner. When I let it flow, even when I think I’m writing myself into a corner, something appears beautifully.

So, go now, get my books you haven’t read yet and get to it. With as quickly as I’m putting stories out now, you don’t want to get behind. There is so much more coming and you will be delighted by the tangled web, but only if you’ve gone through all of it like I have. Go. Go now!

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