Progress – October 9, 2017

I’ve been having quarterly business meetings with myself over the last year so that I can really focus in on what I want to do with my writing and my art. This has been really good for me. But yesterday when I had my meeting, I had to give myself a stern talking to. Thank goodness I was writing it down or the people at Barnes & Noble would’ve thought I’d lost it. (grin)

All considering what happened last quarter, I got a lot done. Granted, most of it was busy work because the writing/publishing side of things got smacked against the floor a few times. Yes, you may think about Hulk and Loki here. I give you permission. “Puny god.” Especially since it was the 6th Loki novella which really took the beating — I’d planned for it to come out in September. I will say that I’m happily writing the 7th Loki novella and spent a large part of Sunday morning (before my meeting) laughing really hard as I was working on it.

So, if I had a good quarter all considering, why was I having myself a stern talking to? There are other things that I’m letting slip because I’m so desperately trying to hit a word count that I knew was a far-stretching goal to begin with. So, for the overall health of my writing and art, I’m still going to try to hit my weekly word counts even though I know there is no way I’ll hit the year goal I set for myself. I could do it, but that would mean I’d have to write 2,500 words every day for the rest of the year. Honestly, I could do it. That’s not out of the ballpark. But, that would mean not publishing anything else for the rest of the year and the first part of next year. Nothing would be ready. Then I’d have a backlog of fine-tuning to do, covers that needed done, bookkeeping, etc. that would need done. No, it’s not worth it. I need to keep myself steady and see where I land.

I really wanted to hit my word goal.

But my business-self is right here. I can’t just wear the writer hat. I have to wear the business hat too. And, I have to wear the artist hat.

Which brings me to the other stern talking to that I had with myself. I have seven or eight kids stories (from picture books to short chapter books) that are written and just need illustrated. When I wrote them, I didn’t have the art in my life yet. I just need to do them. Get them done and off my plate. So, I’m publicly announcing that I will have two new children’s books done and published in 2018. Yes, Claudia, my egg story is one of them. (grin) I swear!

I also want to get back to Weblinks. I miss my graphic novel work.

Also this last week, I scanned in the manuscript for a romance I wrote nearly 25 years ago. It’s going to be interesting reviewing it with a completely new perspective, but I am planning on publishing it in 2018 as well. Yeah, I wrote romances in another life, pre-kids. I can now admit that. I have other “romance” type stories I want to tell. Okay, in looking at my old works, I probably had twenty started before I quit. Not all of them are worthy of being resurrected, but I might. With the romance I’ve been working on and I think I’ve mentioned here before (the one I’m currently calling Siva), I think I need to get back to it. I think I’ll go “sweet” with them because I am not the writer I once was and my own personality has changed. It should be fun.

So, yeah, interesting meeting with myself yesterday. Got a good grip on what I want the next quarter to look like. Excited to make it happen. That’s what makes this the best job in the world.

In last week’s progress, I said that I had some words that I’d dictated but hadn’t transcribed. I did go back and get them done, but I put them into the days where I had done them so I wouldn’t unfairly jack up this week’s word count. So, in the last couple of weeks, I actually got more done that I had reported. Below, I’m giving the finishing count for September again to adjust for what was added; the one day for the October word count didn’t change, so October will be for the month to date.

Now, are you ready to be amazed by this week’s numbers? Remember, these were before deciding for balance.

I have hit my weekly word count goal for 1 week. Go me! (grin)

Fiction words written last week: 9,732 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  3,366 words

Writing month to date total:  26,319 (up from the 23,629 words originally reported) for September. 14,072 words for the one day in October.

Writing year to date total: 297,474 words

Drawing/painting last week: I didn’t do any painting last week.

Audio: I spent 4 hours editing audio. Not bad considering sleep was a priority earlier this week. The cons wore me out, so I didn’t spend as much time in the mornings dedicated to this as usual. The weekend caught me up though.