Onesong – Chapter 13

I hope you enjoyed having a longer chapter this week because this one is a bit shorter. You just never know how they will turn out.

I say that while laughing at myself. I’ve had to completely tear apart Sacred Knight #5 to do away with the chapters and am writing it scene by scene. Sacred Knight has been the strangest series for me. Every book has to be done differently. The Three Books (Book #1) changed genres repeatedly and the only way I got through it finally was by writing it as a script, then changing it to prose. Manifest the Magic and To Birth a Destiny (Books 2 and 3) had to be written together as one piece and was a combination of script and prose. Prince of the Ruined Land (Book 4) was half scripted when I tore it apart and wrote it as prose. The Missing Thread (Book 5) has been entirely prose, but chapter headings have been completely useless throughout.

Another book I’m working on for my dragons series, has just been one long straight story without any breaks. The 7th Loki novella is working out in the same way.

Yet, while each story has a tendency to be different, I was asked earlier this week if I have a process or a ritual that I go through when I sit down to write. I know people that have rituals to get themselves ready to write. Some people use a different computer than their normal computer. Some writers have a mantra or a prayer that they say.

No, I don’t have a ritual. I’ve always had to be ready to write at a moment’s notice and the method has never mattered to me. Getting the story that’s jabbering at me out of my head is what’s important. I have mentioned a couple time that I dictate some of my work. I’ve been doing that for a long time. I use to use a tape recorder. I hope my mother burned all my old tapes! I’d sit in the closet and record my stories. Yeah, and you all wondered why I wanted to sit in a box and record the audiobook for my stories! (grin) I discovered DragonSpeak when it was at version 3 and have been using it off and on since then. Instead of having to transcribe everything myself, it has made the work so much easier. Not perfect, but what is.

The closest thing to a ritual that I might have is turning on music. Why? Because what I want to write determines what I listen to. Here’s a list of my Internet radio stations and what I write while I listen to them:

Two Steps from Hell (soundtracks, no lyrics): Sacred Knight

“One Night In Bangkok” (80’s happy, boppy pop music): Loki

Shinedown (hard edge, lots of screaming): Onesong

No music, or very rarely a mixture of all of the above: a Wells of the Onesong story and the various others in progress

Now, there are some strange cross-overs. For example, if I start Two Steps from Hell and their song “Blackheart” plays, that is a clue for me to switch to Loki.  If I’m listening to my “One Night In Bangkok” station and Cutting Crew‘s “I Just Died In Your Arms” starts playing, I must begin working on Sacred Knight. Why? Well, because these songs have been instrumental (pun, I wonder) to building these stories. They have special meaning to me. And it’s very important that I catch these clues. When I don’t, I usually bog down in the story I’m working on. When I do, like last weekend when Blackheart started playing, I come up with wonderful ideas. Loki had me laughing to myself all day because of working on the 7th novella in the morning. I love it. I wish I could be having you read it right now.

That’s the hardest thing about being a writer: waiting for the readers to catch up. I feel like I’m always one step ahead, skipping merrily along, and turning to look back to see who’s behind me. I scream to hurry up, but then I sprint ahead anyway. I have to stay ahead. I have to have the ideas keep coming. I have to catch them and get them down so that I can leave the pages littered behind me like bread crumbs. Yeah, the Internet makes that even harder because it’s so easy to put out little snips of conversation, but they never have quite the same meaning for the reader, I feel, as it does for me. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you like the quotes I put out on Facebook and Twitter. I hope they tempt you to keep reading.

But it’s still hard.

Have you caught up to me yet?


Why not?

Would you please read more?!!!

Okay, onto Onesong.

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by Dawn Blair

Chapter 13

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