Dragon bundle release

Dragon Tales

A while back, I said that I was going to be in a second bundle and that an announcement was forthcoming.

Well, here it is.

My story, Fractured Echo, is included in the Dragon Tales bundle along with several other great writers like Kevin J. Anderson, Stefon Mears, and Russ Crossley.

About the bundle:

Dragons have been part of myths and fairytales for thousands of years. In this collection of stories you will discover the legends behind these fantastic creatures are far stranger than you ever imagined. Discover dragons in the Slivery Kingdoms, discover dragons in a role playing game that becomes all too real, meet a young girl transformed into a dragon, and cheer for the bold knights striving to vanquish these fire breathing monsters to win the hand of a princess. These and other exciting legends have been brought to life by these talented authors.

Fractured Echo was my first tale introducing my novihomidraks (new humans born from a dragon). I’d been working on the idea in my Moonhunter story, Dragons of Wellsdeep, which I hope to release next year. Working on these shorter stories which started to collect in my Wells of the Onesong stories, helped me to really dive deeply into Moonhunter’s abilities.

The bundle is releasing tomorrow, October 20th, so pre-order your copy now. Click on an image to be directed to a website where you can purchase directly or get additional links for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many other retailers.


Dragon Tales