Oxygen – releasing on Halloween

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Oxygen will be released on October 31st. I figured a strange and weird story like this needed a special day.

While the whole story ran here, let’s have a little recap, shall we?



by Dawn Blair

Heart’s “Music Man” lulled from the radio as Shelly drove across the highway through the desert. She hadn’t seen another car for miles. She liked being alone.

“Try to understand,” Shelly crooned with the music. But as she looked up at a cloud hanging in the sky, studying the gentle roll of its shaded underside and trying to determine the brushstroke needed to make such a curve, she realized some things couldn’t ever be understood. God had a beautiful paintbrush. That she could understand. Her life, on the other hand, was unfathomable. At least to her. If God’s hand were in it, she certainly couldn’t see it.

There was no way that she could try to understand. And it hurt too much to even try. The thoughts she didn’t seek the truth pressed on her mind and brought tears to her eyes. That was far enough. She slapped the radio button and the song cut off. No more of that. No more music even.

How long until the pain had faded enough for her to listen to music again without the words of every song haunting her? More than a day, she knew. A week? A month? A year or ten? Her chest began to tighten to the point where she wondered if she should pull off the road. What good would it do? If she collapsed from an anxiety attack on the road, it might be hours before someone came along to help. She’d rather keep driving and hope that if she passed out from lack of oxygen she would flip her car and die in the crash. A much faster, cleaner way for her to die. She certainly didn’t want to struggle to survive. Let it be quick so she could sooner meet the artist who painted this beautiful sky. She wanted to sit at His feet and watch Him work.

A coyote ran across the road several yards in front of her, dashing up the rocks on the other side and disappearing among the sagebrush. She watched it, thinking about how pretty it was and not all scraggly like most coyotes were by that age. It had a strong, lithe form which spoke of its health. She even tried to slow to watch it, wondering if she’d be able to see it stalking after prey.

She couldn’t see up over the edge of the rocks.

She turned her head back to the road.

Someone stood on the asphalt.

Shelly braked, not nearly in time.


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