Progress – November 6, 2017

Along with recovering from being so tired after an intense writing business masterclass, I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution for my Legendary Hero Comics website. I’ve finally come up with something. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than the clunkiness that I have going on right now. The last two weeks, even though I’ve had my pages scheduled to go up, they haven’t. I also couldn’t force them to post. I had to go set up new posts and publish.  Anyway, i have been testing and tinkering with a new site. It’s not live yet, but I do hope I can go live with it soon. Right now I only have 11 pages of Weblinks up and 1 of Rockin’ Life. I’d like to have a bit more done before I release it. And hopefully, publishing to it won’t be such a pain as it is now and I’ll actually enjoy posting. I do enjoy doing this weekly blog, and even setting up my Wednesday pages, but publishing a webcomic takes so much more work and I’d really like to have it done several weeks ahead of time so I have room to keep working.

Okay, now that the long paragraph is over, I’ve also been working on Onesong. I’ve been nervous about the chapter I’m posting on Wednesday. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until then to see the explanation. But I’m glad that I finally got to a spot where I was working ahead on it because I had to break the story and tear some of it out. I just didn’t like it. You just can’t have something that bad happen and just expect it to be all better in the span of a day. I really questioned myself and what I was doing. I was enjoying fleshing the story out, but this issue stopped me. I had to ask myself if it was the action scene or the reaction scene that I was having the most issue with. Once I discovered it was with the reaction, I then jumped to my question of: okay, so what will make this worse? The answer surprised me. I was in the middle of writing that scene when I had to break to get this blog post done. So even I don’t have the full answer yet. Isn’t that exciting? I love discovering the story.

Wow, two long paragraphs in a row. This one must be short.

I also got Oxygen released in print and have set Space Ninjas Aren’t Real up for ebook pre-order. Print copy is ready to go too.

Whew! a short paragraph!

I think that hour that I got back is acting like extra oxygen to the brain and making me a little loopy. (grin) Or maybe its the playful writing I’m enjoying. Or maybe that extra hour of sleep. Yes, I really must figure out how to make 8 hours of sleep in a 7 hours of actual time happen.

Let’s look at the numbers for last week, shall we? Before I go too far off the deep end, please!

Fiction words written last week: 9,525 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1.031 words

Writing month to date total:  Finished out with 33,039 words for October;  6,738 words so far in November.

Writing year to date total: 323,179 words

Drawing/painting last week: Some sketching. I went to work on Rockin’ Life – one of the comics I run on Legendary Hero Comics – and got drawn into working on the website instead.

Audio: 2.5 hours recording and editing audio. Yes, I was back in the booth last week. It’s been a while. But I had fun. It was the chapters of The Three Books where Steigan and Martias get attacked by gargaxes. Yeah, I had fun.