Progress – November 20, 2017

This has been a week where I feel like I’ve been busy but I can’t say that I’ve been productive. There is a difference and I generally try to stay away from busy work to do productive work. Yet, this week I’m not sure it was a success.

I promised myself that I would take my time in getting Quest for the Three Books up as the replacement for The Three Books. Yeah, well, it hijacked my life and I had to get it done. After all, how could I put out another book (Space Ninjas Aren’t Real on 11/21) listing The Three Books and having one more book I will have to correct? That is probably the dumbest logic I could come up with. I mean, who cares? At the end of the day, who bloody well cares what one title is in my list of “Other Books”? Seriously? But, it was in my blood, so I had to get it done.

See? Busy work?

I should have been writing or drawing but instead I spent my time tinkering with the cover and getting all my files setup. Once that was done, files needed to be uploaded and checked.

Then Space Ninjas had to be updated and reloaded. Additional readers also found more corrections needing made, so I had to fix those as well.

I feel like I spent the whole week correcting and uploading. (Oh, wait! That’s because I did!)

Then, once I thought I was happy with everything, I decided that I needed to go back and add more back matter to those books. (Yeah, because why not? It wasn’t like I’d already looked at those titles a few times.)

Sorry, I know this is heavy on the sarcasm today. These continuous corrections frustrate me. Every time I think that I have a book that is good (not perfect — I don’t believe there is such a thing), I discover that it isn’t even close. There’s errors, there’s something that can be done better, there’s a new way of doing things, my blurb needs rewritten, my cover needs updated, my title needs changed. These are all the things that make my days long. Especially since I never pause to consider if what I’m looking at is correct. No, I charge ahead and only after it’s uploaded do I stop and see that there is a big, glaring mistake staring me in the face. If I would just learn to slow down…

Temperance has never been my thing.

At least I admit it.

So, aside from banging my head against the wall in that way, I also have been working on the corrections for Prince of the Ruined Land. I’ve also been working on the ebook versions of Manifest the Magic and To Birth a Destiny. Hopefully by the time Prince comes out, everything in the Sacred Knight series will look uniform. I really am glad that I took the time to get Quest for the Three Books squared away, no matter my rant above. It needed done. The fact that so many other things got pushed aside so it could take the forefront is what irritates me.

“Don’t throw off the groove. Beware the groove!” — my favorite quote ever!

While not all of my background changes are uploaded yet, even though they are “done,” I am trying to take my time to make sure I have all the changes done before proceeding. (See? I am trying to temper myself and make new habits. Succeeding? Probably not.)

Because of all this, I’m seriously considering slowing down my publishing schedule in 2018. I put out several things in 2017 and the pace was insane. I’m not certain I can keep it up with what I have on my plate in the coming year, even though I have several things written but that need editing. If I just didn’t get in such a rush…

I really am trying to not rush ahead too fast.

It makes me frustrated and antsy. I want to have accomplished everything now!

Yes, I really am my own worst enemy sometimes – especially when I get into this head space. This is why being productive is so much better than being busy.  At least when I’m productive, I see things getting done.

I did get my November newsletter out last week. I also took care of important emails. There was some progress forward. In the end, I guess I must remember that last week was a foundation week because now I feel better overall about Quest for the Three Books. The corrected title will pay off in the long run. (Thank you, Stacy and Lyn, for your valuable input!)

Now, onto the numbers for last week.

Fiction words written last week: 7,439 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  881 words

Writing month to date total:  24,764 words

Writing year to date total: 341,205 words

Drawing/painting last week: Some sketching.

Audio: 6 hours of recording and editing audio.