Onesong – Chapter 20

Time to hit the downhill sled ride toward the end of year holidays and the beginning of a new year. Ready, set… go!

I personally can’t believe 2017 happened so fast. I’m not ready for it to be 2018 – not that this year has been anything special. None of it went as planned. I just don’t want another year to be in the rear view mirror.

How about you?

I wanted to share with you an experience from earlier this week. A friend and reader saw me on Monday and we visited for a moment. She had seen my post on Facebook about having to rip my story back apart after getting it all stitched up and was curious about it. I explained that it was actually quite common for me to cycle back through my draft and rip things apart, which is why I always have to do a final read-through of the draft at the end to make sure all the information flows as it should. She also knew that I had more than one project at a time going and was wondering how many of these I’m currently trying to keep in my head.

I counted them up.

Nine, but I told her about ten because Onesong is one currently sitting on the fence. I’m both writing and editing it at the same time. Again, something that is a normal occurrence for me. After we spoke, I went to a spreadsheet I have and looked it up. Yep, nine projects currently underway. This doesn’t include the half-a-dozen or so which are waiting in the wings or the children’s books I keep nagging myself about.

Anyway, I thought it might interest you to see what it starts to look like. Mind you, this graphic is before I realized that I was going to have to rip apart the ending and scatter its tattered remains. I had planning on putting this graphic up next week, but it seemed to make more sense to do it now.

Yeah, things are fairly orderly here.

In having to rearrange a few things, this is only going to get stranger. I’ve recently started using a special software program to help me create ebooks and I can’t wait to pull this book into it. So far I’ve been impressed by its capabilities, and I’ve broken it a few times, so I’m really curiously excited to see what it does with these chapters. (grin!)

Let’s get on with the chapter, shall we?

Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 20 is available for 1 week only! Then, it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear! 


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by Dawn Blair

Chapter 20

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