Children’s Book – more progress

I thought I’d show another page from the children’s book I’m currently working on.



Yes, I’m having fun with this. I love the little egg on the left who’s screaming so much you can see all the way to his yolk. Probably a bad joke, but it’s mine.

I’m also enjoying see all the colors come into the illustrations. Since my program lets me see the thumbnails to the pages, I can get a glimpse of what the pages are going to look like all together.

Best yet, I’ve only been working on this for about half an hour each weekday so far and I’m glad to see the progress. Splitting my time between audio work and illustration first thing in the morning is letting me get a lot accomplished. Yes, scheduling the time to work on this has been the best thing.  Little by little, my massive recording project and my children’s book will get done!