Progress – December 18, 2017

I have felt cold all week. It’s like I’ve been put into hibernation mode so that I can stay in one place and stay warm. The inversion we had nearly all week long certainly wasn’t helping.

With it being cold, my writing office is closed off to help the rest of the house stay warmer. When it gets this cold, it’s best to close that section off. I could have probably opened it back up this weekend as it got warmer, but I decided not to for now. Once it warms up out of the 20’s, then I can get back to in it. Until then, I’ve got my chair (my Christmas present to myself last year when it got cold and I wanted to continue writing) in the living room. I don’t get as much done with the distractions (such as the video games playing and me watching them instead of keeping my fingers moving over the keys). But, I have to be warm, so it’s a sacrifice I must make. I just don’t handle being cold. Someday, central heating will be a thing in my life. (grin)

My son got home from college and now I’m sending him down to Nevada to help my brother. I’ll be following this weekend. Looking forward to continuing the audio on the series I’ve been listening to. I also bought the Kindle version of the book I’m on so I can read it in-between listening to it. Yeah, I’m a little addicted to the story. I can’t say that I trust the writer yet (which is why I’ve been fairly quite about what the story/author is), but I do love the world and the characters. I love how the main character’s powers grow. Yet, it gets a little repetitive — yes, I know he’s feeling it again! Quit beating the horse; it’s dead. And the last story (the 2nd in the series) had the perfect ending, but the author ruined it by slapping an unnecessary epilogue on it and ending with a cliffhanger line which was so bloody obvious in the story that it didn’t heighten tension for me. Instead, I just went, “Duh! This should have been revealed two chapters ago when it was last brought up.” The author had done an excellent job with tagging characters in the first book that as soon as the detail was brought up in the second, I instantly know who it was even though the main character didn’t. I was willing to give it a bit, but then for it to be the SURPRISE at the end of the book and to cut it there… Yeah, just not sure I can trust the writer yet. I’m sure it’s a good story. Yes, I’m enjoying it. Yes, I will keep reading it unless the author messes it up. Until I’m sure there is a satisfying end, I don’t want to press my luck.

I’ve been working on the edit for Mystery of the Stardust Monk. I’m hoping to have it to a reader soon. Next on the list after that is the 6th Loki novella. I think I’m finally ready to get back to work on that.

I mentioned last week that I had some dictation to transcribe. I have done that and I went back to add those words to last week’s count. You can see the update on that post.

In getting the dictation done, I filled in large gaps of Onesong.  I do believe I will be able to keep it going here on my blog for a while. It’s not all fleshed out yet and I may still have some rearranging to do, but it is getting closer to being a completed novel.

Well, that’s pretty much my last week. Let’s see how it came out overall:

Fiction words written last week: 6,190 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  792 words

Writing month to date total:  13,420 words

Writing year to date total: 369,025 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 4 hours working on my kids’ book. I really like splitting my mornings between working on audio and drawing — that seems to be a good way for me to work my time.

Audio: I spent 5 and a half hours recording and editing audio.

For the year-to-date so far, I have spent 263 working on audiobooks (and this time is accurate because I keep two journals lining out my time and what I’ve done so I know what I did in case I need to look back at something to find out why something is so messed up — yes, it has happened!). Just in case your curious what that total has been so far. (grin)