Progress – December 25, 2017

I’m in the land of no internet and typing this on my phone, so it’s going to be short. 

I’ve been busy between the holidays and another trip to Nevada to help out, so I haven’t gotten as much done. 

Fiction words written last week: No idea. I did some writing, even started a new story but none of the words got logged. I also have some dictation to transcribe. Yes, there were words done; I just have no idea. 

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  Again, no clue here as I didn’t log the words. 

Writing month to date total:  13,666 words (this should be “no change,” but I must have done something last week after writing the blog and decided to add it into my count for that week without updating the blog.)

Writing year to date total: 369,271 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 3 hours working on my kids’ book. 

Audio: I spent almost 4 hours recording and editing audio.

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating  it. 

See you on Wednesday for another chapter of Onesong.