Onesong – Chapter 25

Every year right after Thanksgiving, my life gets sucked into a black hole and doesn’t seem to re-emerge until around late March. So far, 2017-2018 has been no exception. I hope it gets better.  If you saw my pictures from yesterday and have read my blog posts for the last few weeks, you know that I’ve been heading down to Nevada to help my brother clean up my dad’s place.

My brother has taken the brunt of the work and he did a brilliant job. He so deserves kudos and a round of applause for all he did.

I am so far off-track right now that it’s going to take me awhile to get back into my old habits. I only hope they are ingrained enough and I’ve tried to keep some semblance of them that I’ll slide back in easily. We’ll see. I have a lot to catch up on, and that’s putting me further behind. I’m determined to not fall completely into the usual black hole, but that means I’ve got to work very hard. Sleep, who said anything about sleep? Kidding — these days I need it more than I’d like to admit. So much so that one day last week I literally couldn’t wake up until noon, and even then I’m not sure I should have been.

Okay, well, I’m babbling now, so let’s get you onto the chapter and I’ll go get to work of catching up.

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by Dawn Blair

Chapter 25

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