Progress – 2017 official report

I have finally gotten caught up on sleep and my word count for the last two weeks of 2017. As promised, I’m ready to give my official wrap-up of 2017.

Fiction words written in the last week of December: 1,747 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  175 words

Writing month to date total:  18,228 words – this does have some words scattered through the middle of December that I had written but not logged (or those ones I’d referenced that I’d dictated but not transcribed — I went back and placed them on the actual day for a more accurate count.

Drawing/painting last week: I spent 4 hours working on my kids’ book.

Audio: I spent 4 hours recording and editing audio.

So how did the year turn out overall?

Writing year to date total: 373,833 words. I don’t know if I mentioned it anywhere along the way, but my writing goal for 2017 had been to do 500,000 words. I knew that writing half a million words would be a stretch when I started, but I wanted something that would push me. By October, I was hoping to get to 400,000 words at least. I fell short of that too, but I still averaged over 31,000 each month so I think that’s pretty spectacular, especially all considering what happened in 2017. Talk about failing forward. I honestly think that having this huge goal kept me focused and in my habit of writing when my dad died. Without it, I would have stopped writing any probably wouldn’t have gotten back to it yet. It would be the middle of 2018 probably before I thought about writing again.

My best month was June at 53,999 words. My most productive days were Mondays, followed by Sundays. Third most productive days were Tuesdays.

Since I kept track of my audio hours faithfully in 2017, I’ll say that I spent 267 hours recording and editing audio. I produced 5 and a half hours of finished, uploaded audio. (I do have several chapters of Quest for the Three Books done, but they haven’t been uploaded since I do the whole book at once – so the finished audio hours are a bit short compared to what is actually done).

I have only 30 hours logged for drawing and painting. I did more, but I didn’t log everything. I certainly hope to have an upturn in this for 2018.

Titles released in 2017:

To me, this is the real proof of a successful writing year. After all, if it’s written but it sits on the computer so no one else can read it, then the work hasn’t been completed.

I released the following titles last year:

The Last Ant (though written in 2016)

The Doorway Prince

Ninjas: By the Numbers

Broken Smiles

Fall’s Confession



Ninjas: Space Ninjas Aren’t Real

That is just over 65,000 words published between the 8 titles (all shorter works). This also doesn’t count the actual words that were published to my blog either, which makes up roughly 20% of my overall writing. (Yeah, my Excel spreadsheets let me analyse more information than I probably should know. And I keep adding things to them.)

I also put out 1-800-CallLoki – the omnibus of the first 5 adventures of The Loki Adventures. And I retitled The Three Books to Quest for the Three Books. Plus I had two titles released within bundles. This repackaging created 4 more “products.”

In audiobooks, I released the following titles in 2017:

The Last Ant

The Doorway Prince



I’ve also been maintaining my weekly Wednesday free fiction blogs for nearly a year now. I’m sure many of you reading this have been reading those as well. Thank you for your support there and please continue liking and sharing the Wednesday blogs as it helps others to discover it. A journey is more fun when shared.

For 2018, my writing goals aren’t quite so lofty. As you can see, I have far more words written than I have published. I still want to have a writing goal that will keep my fingers on the keys, but I also need to be finishing what I have already done and get it published. There’s also my children’s books that I’m drawing and hoping to release in 2018. Plus more audio. And I really would like to release a comic once a week and do more painting. I hate not being able to do it all, but right now, something has to sit on the back burner.

Honestly, I probably have at least 8 titles that I hope to release in 2018. I hesitate to give titles because I really thought I’d have two more titles out this year (ones people are patiently waiting for), but are taking far longer than I would have liked. So, I’m no longer giving release dates until I can make sure the story is truly going to be available. Still, I would love to continue putting out 7-8 titles a year (plus 2-3 audiobooks). That right now is really my long-range plan. Now that I’ve taken a year to get up on my word count and have a lot in the hopper, it’s a matter of keeping a steady pace but not one that will burn me out.

Well, I have to go set up my 2018 spreadsheets now — they are started but I need to finish filling in some data. Then it’s back to writing, illustration, and audiobook work for me. The slate has been wiped clean and I have another year to continue to fail forward.

Thank you for being part of my journey.