Progress – January 15, 2018

This has been the week of getting lots done in small time. Yes, you really can get things done by working in tiny increments; it doesn’t take big blocks of time.

I confess that I haven’t been able to get up as early as I had been and though I’ve been trying to work back to my usual time, I’ve been losing roughly half an hour. So instead of spending about 45 minutes working on audio and another 45 on my kids’ book, I’ve been getting about 30 minutes each and sometimes less. Literally, one morning I spent 15 minutes on audio and only worked through 3 minutes of audio, but that’s 3 minutes more than I had done the day before.

I finished my correction edits on a novella and got it sent off to a first reader. I took that reader’s edits on another story done and submitted it to a magazine. Wish me luck. Hopefully we’ll see that story published in a magazine soon. 

Meanwhile, I also dealt with rejection. I got turned down for something I thought I’d be perfect for. It wasn’t personal, but it certainly felt that way. For a long moment. Then I reminded myself that it wasn’t personal and I had to stay detached from it. I think the words that helped the most and brought me back to myself were: you only feel depressed because you think you lost something that you never had to begin with.  Yes, I never had it, so how could I lose it? It’s not like the rejection did anything to really hurt me. I was in exactly the same place I was before. Okay, so the opportunity would have helped, but it might not have. One of the Darren Daily mentor sessions from this week had Darren Hardy telling a story of a farmer who had successes, failures, and what seemed like synchronicity. Everyone around the farmer said how great he was, how unfortunate he was, or how lucky he was. Every time, the farmer responded with “Perhaps.” The farmer remained detached from all outcomes, knowing that the winds of change can come at any moment and the only event which is final is death. Those who get depressed by that thought miss the point.

I tell you this because I want you to know that there are good days and bad days. Nothing ever flows perfectly. There are bumps. Dealing with emotional bumps is something I’m still working on.

Especially when things are going well and you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On one of my trips back from Nevada, I was between Elko and Wells, I was coming along much later in the day than I usually do. It was already dark and I saw a glow on the mountainside. I tried to see if it was a house light or just what it was. My brain threw out that it was the glow of a dwarf mine. Yes, Loki’s influence may have been there with that. But as I watched it and tried to figure out just what it was, I started to get the shape of a story. Yes, that is how ideas come: something sparks and the brain begins to play with fire.

I wrote over 4,000 words on that story alone this week. It has been flowing.

I’m terrified for the moment it gets hard and that flow stops. I know it will come.

Much like my weekly numbers. Here they are:

Fiction words written last week: 8,388 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  848 words

Writing month to date total:  16,918 words – I currently have a writing streak of hitting my daily word goal for 12 days and hitting the weekly goal for the last 2 weeks.

Writing year to date total: 16,918 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 4 hours working on my kids’ book. I also spent 2 hours painting.

Audio: I spent almost 3 and a half hours editing audio.