Children’s book progress – February 1, 2018

I finally finished up my two page spread:


I just noticed that the branches of my tree are missing. Hmmm, I wonder what layer they are hiding on.

Also, as I was coloring these pages, I had the thought that I always imagined this story to be taking place in the middle of the night. But if that’s a window above the sink (I suppose it could be a picture), then it’s clearly daytime. 

I love how my eggs are getting bigger. Large than life eggs! (grin) Well, maybe not the egg that’s bawling on the floor like a baby. He’s probably a little cracked.

Sorry, it’s probably a night when I should be working on Loki rather than writing a blog. I can feel him pressing for attention even though I just finished up over 1,000 words on Onesong. I’ve been wanting to work on Onesong, The Missing Thread, Elliot’s story, and Loki all day. Oh to have 4 stories all at once screaming in my head.

If only I could learn how to work on all of them at once.

And draw.

And paint.

And work on my audiobooks.

At the same time.

How  are we coming along on that cloning technology?

Somehow, I don’t think that would even help.