Blog about nothing

Yes, that’s right. I have no idea what to talk about today. So this will be a blog about nothing.

One might think that you’d stop reading already, but you haven’t. You’re as addicted to the word, to the story, as I am. You want to see what comes next.


Or is that just the beat before suspense comes?

Was that a noise at the door? Is something creeping along outside the window?

A shadow moves.

No, wait, that’s just a tree branch swaying in the breeze beyond the window. Nothing. Nothing scary. Nothing at all.

A crash happens in another part of the house. Now that wasn’t nothing. That was definitely something. And the wind can’t knock over something inside the house, right? Maybe it was the cat.

Someone could go check. But isn’t that always when the Big Bad comes rushing out of the dark to get you?

I swear it’s nothing.

There’s no one behind the curtain.

No one spinning tales for you to enjoy.

No liar taking you on another imaginary adventure with only words. (Okay, maybe an occasional picture or comic as well.)

Certainly no one taking their ebook reader into the bathroom to read for half an hour. What? Wait! I was going to go first. So much for bedtime.

Just one last chapter, please?

Okay, I suppose you can. After all, anything is possible in a blog about nothing.