Progress – April 9, 2018

First I lost my daily word count streak, and now my weekly word count streak tumbles.

There’s just been too much going on. So I must learn from this experience and move on. It’s all I can do.

What did I learn? Mostly that when I plan a publication date, I really have to look at other factors in my life that can put me behind. Even though I’d set the publication date for Prince far enough in the future, I didn’t think about having extra work hours, taxes for three people, and having to put my book back together because I couldn’t trust my instincts about the story to begin with and what a landmine that would be. Okay, that last one I couldn’t have foreseen, but it should have been a “what if” factor.

I also learned that Amazon won’t let you set up a pre-order for more than 3 months out. Kobo lets you go out for a year. My thoughts there are that if I can only go that far out (when I would prefer 6 months), I might as well cool my jets a little bit more (chalk that down as the hardest thing for me to do) and actually not let myself get rushed with the whole putting it together for publication. I forget how long it takes to get things prepped for putting my little story out there to the world. Not only is there the manuscript, but there is the cover, blurb (what the story is about for you non-writers out there), front matter (all the stuff at the front of the book), back matter (can you guess on this one? Yes, all the stuff that comes at the end), the full cover for the print book, and the initial setup across all the distributing platforms. The last one takes a lot of energy from me because it’s like it has a displacement charm on it (or like the pain of child birth) and I always forget about what a pain it is. We hates it, Precious. I really would be better off having all that ready to go before I set the date.

I know; concept! Quit putting the cart before the horse.

For so many years, my brain just had it as: write the book, polish the book, hand over to editor at the publishing house.

Except, the editor at the publishing house ended up being me. Her staff is Myself and I. This new world threw a wrench at me and it took this experience for my editor self to scream back at my writer self, “Stop doing that!”

It’s like people who think it’s a badge of courage to say, “Yeah, I don’t get my tax stuff together and take it to the accountant until April 15th.” We hates it, Precious!

See how my two lives collide?

This year has not been kind to either life.

And I really have only myself to blame.

Step 1: Admit I have a problem. Done.

Step 2: Cool my jets. This will take work.

Step 3: While Vellum is going to make my life a lot easier, it is still a step in the process, not an infallible solution. And, it is a step which needs to be in my process at a different point than it is now.

Step 4: Figure out how I can promote a book after it is all done when my energy and excitement are on another book. This is something I’m already having to figure out since I put out so many things last year that I don’t even know what I wrote. People come up and say, “This looks like a good book,” and I have no more enthusiasm for it because it’s done and out there. Read the blurb is not a good answer. I have to know. I have to maintain some excitement for the book and the characters. Now I will have to learn to do this for books that are going to be released, not just the ones that are out there already. I is the hardest thing about being so much further down the path than the reader. Cooling my jets will be hard, but this might be harder. I’ll want to push the button as soon as it’s done. I won’t want to wait. Again, cool my jets. These two will go hand and hand; knowing my personality, I will be frustrated by all this.

Even though I know it’s necessary.

That’s all. What? Did you think I was going for a 12 step program?

I don’t have the patience for that. (grin)

It was in learning all of this that I realized I’d need to make some schedule changes in my life to accomplish it. That’s why I said in one of my earlier blogs that I was trying to get up at 5 a.m. Some days it is not happening — 5:20 a.m. instead. This last week was just that. But now that Prince is ready to go (it is uploaded across my major ebook distributors — still have the minor ones to do) and I need to upload a corrected print file since I found an issue this morning after uploading what I thought was the completed file last night. It will release on time for ebook. Print books might be a few days later. With all that behind me, I hope I can start resetting my writing/publication rhythm to not be so hectic. I want to get my streaks back and not lose them because I’m in a frantic panic.

So, let’s see how little actually got done last week.

Well, I did read 140,000 words last week. The publisher side would like you to know just how long that takes when watching for continuity and little phrase changes. (grin)

Fiction words written last week: 667 words – yeah, that’s not even 1 days worth of words when my goal is 820 words per day. Sad. You can bet this was all on Prince and did not include catch up words when I took myself into negative word count. Overall, I did write more words than this, but they were just bringing the manuscript back up to count after I slashed a bunch out. This is one of the things that I shouldn’t be worrying about. New word production needs to be happening with edited word  counts being a minor factor due to being spread out over time. Yeah, don’t worry if you didn’t understand that. It was mostly my fingers talking to my head. My weekly word goal writing streak ended at 13 weeks. Let’s start again this week.

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  443 words – again, sad. I didn’t even get daily blogs out last week. Mostly because I had nothing to say. I was busy working on Prince – which you already knew.

Writing month to date total:  1,730 words

Writing year to date total: 97,507 words

Drarwing/painting last week: I spent about half an hour working and that was on the map for Prince.

Audio: I spent almost 3 and a half hours editing audio. I did still try to make time to progress on this last week, but the chapters are going slowly right now. I honestly should have re-recorded them, but that might just be the perfectionist in me speaking. They aren’t as bad as I want to make them out to be. Probably just my frustrated editor snipping.

Well, next up on the list is Loki for editing. He’s happy to get me back. And I have another story to put into the pipeline for publication. That doesn’t even mention Eggs At Play which I need to work on for May publication — already set. For now, it might only go to Amazon. I have a lot to learn on this and I’m not sure I want to rush it.

She can be taught.

I swear.

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